Are there any additional fees for making Voice Calls?

There are no additional charges on our end as our plans are prepaid, however please note that we are not responsible for any charges incurred by any 3rd party apps or services.

Where can I use Voice Minutes?

Voice Minutes can be used from and to any country included in the corresponding Data Plan

Do I need a Data plan to use my Voice Minutes Plan?

Yes, a Voice Minute plan requires a valid corresponding Data plan in order to function.   Please note, topping up your Data plan after it expires will not extend your Voice Plan’s expiration date

Type of Coverage Based on Location (3G or 4G)

The type of coverage you should expect to receive will vary based on the available network coverage per location. Some networks offer up to 4G coverage, while others may only offer 3G.

Can I Choose My Activation Date

Activation dates are set upon purchase at the user’s discretion. Feel free to select whichever activation date works best for you.