Does Your Service Have Any ‘Hotspot’ or ‘Tethering’ Restrictions?

Our service does not have any ‘Hotspot’ or ‘Tethering’ Restrictions, meaning you can freely use this feature with our data service.

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Types of Phone Numbers Provided (For Voice Service Only) = ​ Though our company does not provide local phone numbers, we do provide US phone numbers meant for international use. Our US phone numbers are international numbers that can be used from and to any location. It is worth noting that there are no… Continue reading 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can I use SMS for 3rd party Apps or Services?

Incoming SMS’s are supported, but we can not guarantee the receipt of SMS’s from 3rd party services (such as google, paypal, whatsapp, etc.).

Do you support incoming and outgoing SMS?

Unfortunately, our service does not support outgoing SMS’s at this time.   Incoming SMS’s are supported.

Can I keep my phone number after plan expires?

Generally numbers are not reserved and are released after your plan expires.   You will be able to keep a number for as long as your plan is active.   If you choose to topup your voice minutes before the expiration date, you can extend the duration you have the number for.

Why don’t I have a phone number?

Phone numbers are issued to customers who purchase a ‘Voice Minute’ plan in addition to their data plan.   Data Only Plans do not receive phone numbers from us

Why was I issued a US number?

If you select both a Data and a separate Voice Plan, you will be issued a US phone number. Our US phone numbers are meant for international use. Simply remember to dial out using the correct international area code (even for local calls in the US).

Why didn’t I get a local number?

Upon purchase you can choose between a US, UK, or CA number as your ‘Preferred Number’.   Unfortunately, we do not offer local numbers for any other countries at this time.   Please check our website for future updates. Did this answer your questi

Can I use my number for 3rd party Apps and Services?

Generally, this type of service is not supported.   It may work, however, our company can not guarantee and does not support the use of 3rd party App or Service.

Why is my number a Polish number?

Since your eSIM connects to our server which is located in Poland, messages from the eSIM will appear with a Polish number (This is the number that appears in your phone settings).   This number is just an identification for the eSIM, and can not be used for 3rd party apps or services.   Any… Continue reading Why is my number a Polish number?