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    Select your ESIM Data Plan
    USA 1GB Valid For 7 Days - ESIM USA Only Offer
    USA 1GB Valid For 7 Days
    USA 2GB Valid For 10 Days - ESIM USA Only Offer
    USA 2GB Valid For 10 Days
    USA 5GB Valid For 21 Days - ESIM USA Only Offer
    USA 5GB Valid For 21 Days
    USA 10GB Valid For 30 Days - ESIM USA Only Offer
    USA 10GB Valid For 30 Days
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    Add Voice Minutes to your eSIM data plan (optional)
    100 Minutes / $10 - ESIM USA Only Offer
    100 Minutes / $10
    200  Minutes / $17 - ESIM USA Only Offer
    200 Minutes / $17
    300 Minutes / $25 - ESIM USA Only Offer
    300 Minutes / $25
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NEW At GlobaleSIM - Add Voice Minutes To Your eSIM Data Plan!

  • Return Policy

    Customer has the right to ask for a refund in the following cases.

    - The eSIM QR code cannot be scanned and/or installed
    - The eSIM cannot connect to network due to a technical issue with the local network
    - The eSIM cannot provide Voice/Data service according to the customer plan

    A refund will be issued ONLY after at least 48 hours, where:
    - Within the 48 hours, the customer contacted GlobaleSIM by email ( and reported the issue. A reference to the eSIM account (eSIM code, order ID, or personal information) should be mentioned.
    - GlobaleSIM had the necessary time to check, investigate and find a solution for the customer within this period
    - GlobaleSIM did not find a proper solution for the customer to use the service, then a refund / partial refund will be issued upon GlobaleSIM decision

    A refund will NOT be issued in case of:
    - The issue is due to lack of coverage where the customer is located
    - The customer deleted his eSIM line from his device
    - The customer switched to a new device and needed a new eSIM QR code (a new order needs to be made)
    - The customer did not reply to GlobaleSIM Technical team during issue investigation / did not report the issue in a timely manner
GlobaleSIM - the best way to stay connected while abroad!
  • Select your preferred data plan, scan your eSIM QR code received by email, and you are ready for your trip!
  • Add Voice minutes and get a US / Canada / UK phone number to make and receive phone calls!
  • Stay connected with your loved apps such as: Facebook, Instragram, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and websites!
  • One eSIM installation on your compatible device for all your future trips!
  • No need to switch sim cards, select your new eSIM within a click!
  • Running out of data? Top up your eSIM anytime, anywhere!
  • 4G LTE supported for a best user experience!
  • No hidden fees, no roaming charges and no bill shocks!
1. The phone number will be sent in a separate email within 12 hours.
2. The phone number will remain valid for the period of your voice plan + 30 days afterwards. If the eSIM was not topped up during this period, GlobaleSIM has the right to disconnect the phone number.
3. The service includes FREE incoming SMS.
4. The service does not include outgoing SMS.
ESIM Compatible Devices
iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini
iPhone SE
iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max
iPhone XS, XS Max
iPhone XR
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE 5g
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Ultra 5g
Samsung Note  20+
Samsung Fold LTE model
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy S20, s20+ and S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
Microsoft Surface Duo
Huawei P40 and P40 Pro
Nuu Mobile X5
Google Pixel 3 & 3XL
Google Pixel 4
Google Pixel 4a
Google Pixel 5
Windows 10 PCs
Lenovo Yoga 630
HP Spectre Folio
iPad Air (3rd Generation)
iPad Pro (3rd Generation)
iPad Mini (5th Generation)