How to set up, install and use an eSIM on iPhone?

Welcome to the eSIM revolution where you can add a cellular plan or a new provider without an actual SIM card On iPhone XS or later

Step 1 Open the PDF file that you received from by Email

Step 2 Go to "Settings" >> "Cellular" >> "Add Cellular Plan"

Step 3 Scan your eSIM QR Code on the PDF and follow the instructions on your device

Step 4 Tap on add cellular Plan” or “add data plan”

Step 5 You can set a personal name for your new eSIM line, for example: “Business Line, “Travel”, etc

Step 6 Click on the new eSIM line you installed, and turn on “Data Roaming”

Other important actions

1. When arriving to the destination, turn OFF your "primary" line (in case you don’t want to use it abroad) and turn ON your new eSIM line.

2. Make sure 'Data Roaming' is set to ON

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Have a pleasant trip Team