Frequently asked questions on eSIM Topup
Simply go to 'topup' located at the top right of our site. On the 'topup' page simply input your 4K number for available Data and Voice Plans.
Please note, your plan needs to be active and used in a supporting country. The plan needs to be used with the correct eSIM number (topup number). If plan still doesn’t work please contact customer support immediately.
In order to topup your voice minutes, please follow the instructions below:
1. Click on 'topup' located on the top right of the website homepage
2. Once on that page input your 4K number to see which plans are available for topup
3. The data plans available for topup will appear in red
4. Below the data plans there is an option for topping up voice minutes in blue (click on it)
Please note, our website may appear different on a mobile device as opposed to a computer/laptop.We recommend trying on a different type of device if you find yourself experiencing difficulties.

Our Customer Support Center can be contacted directly via live chat, which can be accessed by clicking on the round blue message box located at the bottom right of our website or via email at

Have a pleasant trip
Globalesim Team