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About Billing

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Which payment methods are accepted?

You can make payments on GlobaleSIM sing the following payment methods:

  • A Valid credit card issued by Mastercard, Visa, or American Express
  • PayPal 

Why was my payment method rejected?

Check the following possibilities:

  • The details that you provided do not match the details on the your payment method choice. 
  • You are not using a valid credit card from Mastercard, Visa, or American Express.
  • Your credit card needs to have international capabilities.

What should I do if my payment method is rejected?

If your payment method is rejected please contact your bank for assistance.

Do I get a receipt for my order?


For Paypal transactions:

You will receive an invoice from Paypal and an order confirmation email from us.


For Credit Card transactions:
You will receive a separate email with your invoice as well


Do you have any discount codes?

Yes, we do! Clients that subscribed to our newsletter will get exclusive offers and coupon regularly.  

You can also find new discount codes or ongoing promotions by following us on the GlobaleSIM Facebook page.

Our Customer Support Center can be contacted
directly via live chat, which can be accessed by
clicking on the round blue message box located at the
bottom right of our website or via email
at [email protected]


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