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About SMS

The SMS feature requires both a ‘Voice Minute’ and a separate ‘Data’ plan for use.  Once you receive your temporary US phone number via email, you will be able to receive incoming SMS text messages on your device.  Though you will be able to freely receive SMS text messages on your device, please be aware of the following:

– Outgoing SMSs are not included, meaning you will not be able to send outgoing SMS text messages while using this feature

– We can not guarantee the receipt of SMS text messages from any 3rd party Apps or services.  You can always try, and while it may work, we can not make any guarantees that those SMS text messages will be received on your device.

Since these apps require a data connection for use, simply use Whatsapp / iMessage as you normally would with your eSIM line active.  Please make sure your primary SIM line is not active, in order to avoid any possible roaming charges from your primary or local carrier.  In addition, we do not recommend setting up a new WhatsApp profile using one of the phone numbers provided by us for use with our voice service, as these numbers are temporary numbers that will be released back into our phone number pool once your plan expires.


Only eSIMs with Voice Minute Plans will receive temporary phone numbers that can be used for SMS services

Unfortunately, our service does not support outgoing SMSs at this time

Incoming SMSs are supported

Incoming SMSs are supported, but we can not guarantee the receipt of SMSs from 3rd party Apps or Services 

While you can always try to see if it works,  we do not offer any assurances or guarantees that it will 

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