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A Voice Minute plan requires a valid corresponding Data plan in order to function

Please note, Topping up your Data plan after it expires will not extend your Voice plan’s expiration date.

We have included a list of covered networks per destination country on our site.  Simply search for the desired country in the search bar.  Once clicked on, the available networks for that destination will appear on the right side of your screen.

Yes, as long as your Voice Minute plan does not run out of Voice Minutes or goes past its expiration date.

Though our company does not provide local phone numbers, we do provide US phone numbers meant for international use.  Our US phone numbers are international numbers that can be used from and to any location.  It is worth noting that there are no additional or long distance charges for making international calls from any location, as your voice minutes will simply be deducted based on the duration of the call.  Please remember to make sure to use the correct international area code when dialing (even for local calls in the US).  Though a data connection is required in order to use the voice service, all incoming calls and calls to other GES users are actually free of charge regardless of call duration (meaning, your voice minutes will not even be deducted for incoming calls or calls to other GES users).

The type of coverage you should expect to receive will vary based on the available network coverage per location.  Some networks offer up to 4G coverage, while others may only offer 3G. 

Voice Minutes can be used from and to any country included in the corresponding Data plan.
As our Voice plans are prepaid, your Voice Minutes are simply deducted for all incoming and outgoing calls.

Please make sure to use the proper international dialing format even for local calls.

Your balance will not appear on your device, as your eSIM is not a physical SIM.

Please disregard any balance messages unless dialing *163 for a balance request promp or by using the ‘Check Balance’ feature on our website .

As our Voice plans are prepaid, your Voice Minutes are simply deducted for all incoming and outgoing calls.

Unfortunately, we do not offer Rollover Minutes or Rollover Data at the moment.

Our service does not have any ‘Hotspot’ or ‘Tethering’ Restrictions, meaning you can freely use this feature with our data service.

Our Customer Support Center can be contacted
directly via live chat, which can be accessed by
clicking on the round blue message box located at the
bottom right of our website or via email
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