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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Types of Phone Numbers Provided (For Voice Service Only) =

Though our company does not provide local phone numbers, we do provide US phone numbers meant for international use. Our US phone numbers are international numbers that can be used from and to any location. It is worth noting that there are no additional or long distance charges for making international calls from any location, as your voice minutes will simply be deducted based on the duration of the call. Please remember to make sure to use the correct international area code when dialing (even for local calls in the US). Though a data connection is required in order to use the voice service, all incoming calls and calls to other GES users are actually free of charge regardless of call duration (meaning, your voice minutes will not even be deducted for incoming calls or calls to other GES users).


2. Type of Coverage Based on Location (3G or 4G) =

The type of coverage you should expect to receive will vary based on the available network coverage per location. Some networks offer up to 4G coverage, while others may only offer 3G.


3. How to Check Balance / Topup =

Your balance can be checked at any time via our App or website. Simply copy paste your eSIM’s activation code or GES number in the ‘Check Balance’ field on the ‘Check Balance’ page. We are including the link to our ‘Check Balance’ page here for quick reference:
No more data left on your eSIM? No problem!
You can always recharge or ‘Topup’ your eSIM with more data or voice minutes. Simply copy paste your eSIM’s activation code or GES number in the ‘Topup’ field on the ‘Topup’ page.
We are including the link to our ‘Topup’ page here for quick reference:

4. Which Local Networks Do You Work With? =

We have included a list of covered networks per destination country on our site. Simply search for the desired country in the search bar. Once clicked on, the available networks for that destination will appear on the right side of your screen.

5. How to Use Whatspp / iMessage With Your eSIM =

Since these apps require a data connection for use, simply use Whatsapp / iMessage as you normally would with your eSIM line active. Please make sure your primary SIM line is not active, in order to avoid any possible roaming charges from your primary or local carrier. In addition, we do not recommend setting up a new WhatsApp profile using one of the phone numbers provided by us for use with our voice service, as these numbers are temporary numbers that will be released back into our phone number pool once your plan expires.

6. Does Your Service Have Any ‘Hotspot’ or ‘Tethering’ Restrictions? =

Our service does not have any ‘Hotspot’ or ‘Tethering’ Restrictions, meaning you can freely use this feature with our data service.



7. Is My Phone / Device eSIM Compatible? =

In order to see a list of all available eSIM compatible devices on our site, simply select a destination country or region, and click on the ‘eSIM Compatible Devices’ tab located mid page right next to our ‘Welcome’ tab.


8. Can I Choose My Activation Date? =

Activation dates are set upon purchase at the user’s discretion. Feel free to select whichever activation date works best for you.

9. How Do I Find My Phone Number or GES Login Details? =

GES Login details are included in the confirmation email sent to you upon purchase. Temporary US Phone Numbers are issued for clients who purchase ‘Voice Minute’ plans. Please note that clients who purchase ‘Data Only’ plans, will not be issued phone numbers at all. Any client who purchases a ‘Voice Minute’ plan will receive their temporary US phone number via email within 24 hours.


10. How Does the SMS Feature Work? =

The SMS feature requires both a ‘Voice Minute’ and a separate ‘Data’ plan for use. Once you receive your temporary US phone number via email, you will be able to receive incoming SMS text messages on your device. Though you will be able to freely receive SMS text messages on your device, please be aware of the following:

– Outgoing SMSs are not included, meaning you will not be able to send outgoing SMS text messages while using this feature

– We can not guarantee the receipt of SMS text messages from any 3rd party Apps or services. You can always try, and while it may work, we can not make any guarantees that those SMS text messages will be received on your device.