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Tasmania – never-ending shores, fantastic nature and clear air



A Wanderer’s Guide to Tasmania

Tasmania, Australia’s heart-shaped island state, pulsates with a wild beauty that enthralls every visitor. Cradle Mountains’ jagged peaks pierce the sky, turquoise bays lap at pristine coastlines, and ancient rainforests whisper secrets in the wind. But Tasmania’s magic goes beyond its landscapes—it’s a place steeped in history, brimming with quirky charm, and serving up some of Australia’s freshest produce.
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Unveiling Tasmania’s Natural Wonders

Tasmania is a hiker’s paradise. Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park beckons with the challenging yet rewarding Overland Track. At the same time, Freycinet National Park offers the iconic Wineglass Bay walk with its jaw-dropping granite peaks framing a crescent of white sand. Take the chance to spot wombats trekking along the trails or pademelons peeking from the undergrowth.
Are you craving a coastal escape? The Bay of Fires boasts orange lichen-covered granite boulders contrasting with the white sand and turquoise water. Take a dip in Bicheno’s crystal-clear bay’s refreshing waters, or kayak through the sheltered coves of Freycinet Marine Reserve, keeping an eye out for playful dolphins.
Venture into the southwest wilderness and be dwarfed by the ancient Huon pines, some believed to be over 2,000 years old. Explore the dramatic World Heritage-listed wilderness of Franklin-Lower Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, where a thrilling rafting adventure awaits.

A Journey Through Time: History and Culture

Tasmania’s past is a captivating blend of Aboriginal heritage, convict history, and colonial charm. Learn about the island’s original inhabitants, the Palawa people, at the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre in Hobart. Delve into the harsh realities of convict life at Port Arthur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where a chillingly preserved prison and stories of hardship come alive.
Hobart, Tasmania’s capital, is a vibrant city with a rich convict history. Explore the Salamanca Markets, a weekend hub for local crafts, fresh produce, and delectable treats. Wander the waterfront Battery Point, a charming Georgian village known for its colorful cottages and quirky museums.
Head north to Launceston, Tasmania’s second-largest city, and step back at Cataract Gorge. Explore the gorge via walking tracks, ride the world’s longest single-span chairlift, or take a refreshing dip in the natural swimming pool.

Tasmanian Food and Wine

Tasmania’s cool climate and rich soil nurture some of Australia’s finest produce. Sample plump cherries and juicy apples from the orchards of the Coal River Valley. Savor the freshest seafood—from plump oysters to succulent crayfish—hauled straight from the ocean.
Indulge in creamy cheeses from the island’s dairy farms. Don’t miss the chance to try Tasmania’s unique delicacy – Tasmanian Devil Pepper, a native berry with a fiery kick.
Tasmania is also becoming a renowned wine region. Pinot Noir thrives in the cool climate, while sparkling wines produced here are gaining international acclaim. Explore vineyards in the Tamar Valley or Coal River Valley and indulge in a cellar-door experience, sipping on world-class wines while taking in the picturesque landscapes.

Encountering Tasmania’s Quirky Wildlife

Tasmania is a haven for unique Australian wildlife. The iconic Tasmanian Devil, with coarse fur and feisty screeches, is best spotted at nocturnal feeding tours. Keep your eyes peeled for the shy, sadly endangered Tasmanian devils in the wild.
With their bulky bodies and grumpy expressions, Wombats are a common sight throughout Tasmania. Look out for wallabies and pademelons grazing in the fields, and don’t be surprised to see penguins waddling along some beaches.
Take a wildlife cruise and witness the majesty of albatrosses soaring on the ocean currents or playful seals basking on remote islands.

A 10-Day Tasmanian Adventure

Days 1-3: Hobart & Southern Delights

  • Arrive in Hobart and spend a day exploring the city. Visit the Salamanca Markets, Battery Point, and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.
  • Take a day trip to Port Arthur Historic Site for a guided tour and chilling insight into convict history.
  • Head south to the Tasman Peninsula. Hike the scenic Cape Raoul for dramatic coastal views, spot seals at Tasman Island, and visit the Doo Town penguin colony.
  • Spend an afternoon indulging in the delights of the Coal River Valley. Sample local wines at cellar doors and enjoy a delicious lunch at a winery restaurant.

Days 4-6: Freycinet National Park & East Coast Adventures

  • Drive to Freycinet National Park. Hike the iconic Wineglass Bay for breathtaking coastal scenery.
  • Explore the Freycinet Marine Reserve by kayak, looking out for dolphins and playful seals.
  • Head north along the east coast, stopping at Bicheno to visit the National Wildlife Park and see Tasmanian devils and other native animals. Take a boat tour to see the migrating penguins at dusk.
  • Continue your journey to the Bay of Fires. Marvel at the orange lichen-covered granite boulders contrasting with the white sand and turquoise water. Take a scenic walk along the beach or go for a relaxing swim.

Days 7-9: Cradle Mountain & The Wild West

  • Travel inland to Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. Hike a section of the world-famous Overland Track or take a shorter walk to Cradle Mountain for stunning alpine views.
  • Explore the World Heritage-listed Franklin-Lower Gordon Wild Rivers National Park wilderness. Take a thrilling rafting adventure down the Franklin River or a guided cruise through the awe-inspiring wilderness.
  • Head west to Strahan on the wild west coast. Learn about the region’s mining history and cruise on Macquarie Harbour to spot dolphins and explore Sarah Island, a former penal colony.

Day 10: Hobart & Farewell

  • Spend your last day revisiting your favorite spots in Hobart or explore the city further. Sample local delicacies at the Farm Gate Market.

Beyond the Tourist Trail

Tasmania offers experiences beyond the usual tourist hotspots. Venture to Bruny Island, a foodie paradise known for its cheese and oysters. Hike the challenging Mount Wellington for panoramic views of Hobart. Get lost in the Maria Island National Park wilderness, a haven for endangered wildlife.
For a truly unique experience, delve into Tasmania’s convict history by spending a night at the Port Arthur Penitentiary Ghost Tour.

Planning Your Tassie Adventure

The best time to visit Tasmania depends on your preferences. Summer (December-February) offers warm weather perfect for hiking and exploring the outdoors. However, this is also peak season with larger crowds. Spring (September-November) and autumn (March-May) boast pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds.

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