SIM Form Factor

The physical size and shape of a SIM card, which can vary depending on the device it is used on.

Remote SIM Provisioning

The process of remotely activating and configuring a digital SIM over the internet.

International Roaming

The ability to use a mobile device in a foreign country, often requiring the purchase of an additional roaming plan or the activation of an eSIM.

Data Plan

A package of mobile data that is purchased from a mobile network operator, usually with a monthly fee.

Mobile Data

Internet connectivity provided by a mobile network, allowing devices to access the internet when away from a Wi-Fi connection.


Abbreviation for “Mobile Network Operator”, a company that owns and operates a mobile network.


The ability to use a mobile device in a location outside of its home network coverage area.

Mobile Network

A wireless communication system that provides connectivity to devices such as phones and tablets.


A mobile network operator that provides mobile phone service to customers


The unique identification number of a SIM card, which stands for “integrated circuit card identifier.”