Customer has the right to ask for a refund in the following cases.

  • The eSIM QR code cannot be scanned and/or installed
  • The eSIM cannot connect to network due to a technical issue with the local network
  • The eSIM cannot provide Voice/Data service according to the customer plan

A refund will be issued ONLY after at least 48 hours, where:

  • Within the 48 hours, the customer contacted GlobaleSIM by email ([email protected]) and reported the issue. A reference to the eSIM account (eSIM code, order ID, or personal information) should be mentioned.
  • GlobaleSIM had the necessary time to check, investigate and find a solution for the customer within this period
  • GlobaleSIM did not find a proper solution for the customer to use the service, then a refund / partial refund will be issued upon GlobaleSIM decision

A refund will NOT be issued in case of:

  • The issue is due to lack of coverage where the customer is located
  • The customer deleted his eSIM line from his device
  • The customer switched to a new device and needed a new eSIM QR code (a new order needs to be made)
  • The customer did not reply to GlobaleSIM Technical team during issue investigation / did not report the issue in a timely manner